Test my knowledge



What does it mean, to be a feminist?

Answer : C

To be a feminist does not mean that women want to crush men. It is about wanting equality between men and women.


Can men be feminists?

Answer : A

The feminist cause needs the men’s support. Men are allies in the recognition of disparity between men and women.


When I am in a romantic relationship, I can touch my partner’s body as I wish, even if she does not, because, after all, she is my partner.

Answer : False

Each partner must give consent to a sexual activity: touching, kissing or any other gesture of a sexual nature. Each partner’s consent must be obvious, free, and informed. If these conditions are not met, it is sexual aggression.


If my partner is jealous, it’s because he truly loves me.

Answer : False

Jealousy can be an attempt to possess and control the other partner.


If my partner belittles my family and friends, it is because he wants me to be surrounded with good people.

Answer : False

To belittle friends and family is an attempt to isolate someone.


“My partner doesn’t want me to work. He would prefer I’d stay home. I would like to work, because it would give me some financial autonomy, but to him, if I work, it is to be surrounded by other men…” What type of violence do you think it is?

Answer : Economical

Economical violence manifests through behaviours and actions that prohibit someone to access their financial freedom. Once again, this type of violence can be used in an implicit or explicit way.


“My partner wants to have sexual intercourse like on pornographic websites. It scares me, and I’d rather make love another way. He pressures me, talks about it every day, and he tells me that if I don’t do it, it means that I don’t love him, and that I am a bad girlfriend.” What type of violence do you think it is?

Answer : All these answers.

In no way, someone should do something against her will. Moreover, when we say “No”, our partner should understand and stop pressuring us. It doesn’t make me a bad person or a bad partner. At the contrary, I set my limits and I respect myself.


Les femmes victimes de violence conjugale restent avec leur conjoint parce qu’elles sont dépendantes affectives.

Answer : False

Women having trouble to leave their violent partner can give the impression that they are addicted to love. However, the ambivalence of these women is due to the cycle of violence, bringing women to wrongfully believe that they are responsible for the treatment they receive, and that they need to change their own behaviours to avoid domestic violence. Now, it is the aggressor who is responsible for the violence that makes women suffer. Violence is a learned and chosen behaviour, that is used as a control and domination medium. Violent behaviours are always unjustified. Provoked or not, no one deserves to receive violence.


9. 9. Women simply have to leave their violent partner to end the cycle of violence.

Answer : False

Even after separation or divorce, violent men can still threaten, harass or physically attack their ex-partner. When the violent man has lost control of his spouse, the separation becomes a particularly crucial moment for the security of the woman. If the couple has children, they can be used by the partner to try to take control again. Therefore, at the moment of separation and after, women usually need a lot of support.


“My spouse is only violent when he uses drugs or alcohol. he faces a lot of stress… It is in these moments that he shows violence, so it is not really his fault.” do you think that it is acceptable?

Answer : No

Men aren’t violent to their partner because they are using drugs or alcohol, or because they face stress. there is no substance or stressful situations that can make someone become violent against their will, especially if this violence only occurs at home with the wife. Although alcohol or drugs can alter inhibitions, and that stress can rise some tension, these factors cannot, and must not, be used as an excuse to disempower violent men.