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Maison d'hébergement l'Aquarelle

Located in Chibougamau, the Maison d’hébergement l’Aquarelle is a welcoming place offering help and shelter to women who are victims of domestic abuse and other difficulties with or without children.


It provides a safe living environment, filled with respect, sharing and surrounded by great listeners. The Maison d’hébergement l’Aquarelle active involvement within its community by taking actions to raise awareness and about defending women’s rights.


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Our services

The Maison d’hébergement l’Aquarelle offers a wide range of services according to a versatile approach, adapted to each woman’s needs and focused on their security. Our services are 100 % confidential. Our team works with generosity and simplicity, with respect toward the clientele’s dignity. We welcome each woman without judgment or discrimination, wherever she comes from…

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« The social workers are comprehensive. They treat us with respect, dignity and ensure we are feeling good.
I never felt judged in my situation.
I appreciated the support offered as well as the atmosphere and interaction with the other women.
The place is welcoming. I felt safe and happy.
Thank you for having helped me with my daughter when I had tougher moments with her.

Are you in a healthy relationship

Here are a few tools to help you see your situation a little clearer.


A 25 questions quiz to help adults identify if various forms of domestic violence are within their relationship with a partner or with an ex-partner.

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An interactive quiz specially created for the 15-25 year olds. We find scenarios of five conversations with the goal to help youth better identify subtle forms of domestic violence.

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The Maison d’hébergement l’Aquarelle created a quiz meant to educate people about domestic violence and other themes related to women’s rights.

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You need help?

You think you are a victim of domestic violence, and you want to escape a toxic relationship, but you don’t know who to do, or how to start? We can help you.

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Confidential messaging

If other people have access to your telephone or email, and you wish to keep your message confidential, you can use our Confidential Messaging service.

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Domestic violence, what is it, exactly?

Domestic violence can take many forms, but none of them is permissible. A couple’s argument or violence? It may be hard to see the difference.

Learn more about different signs of domestic  violence.

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You want to help a victim?

The people surrounding women who are victims of domestic violence often feel powerless and helpless. Though, if you witness a problematic relationship, it is important to intervene. Discover how to assist a woman close to you who is a victim of domestic violence.

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News feed

Visit our latest news to be informed about our activities to raise awareness and the news about us.

Campaign "Un.e pour toutes".

The last months’ news feed painfully reminded us about violence between partners still is a severe and regular problem in our society.

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Québec invests $222.9 M to address domestic violence

Only four months have passed in 2021 and 10 women have been assassinated by a man in Quebec, a very sad report that has already exceeded last year’s number.

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